About Me

I’m Cameron. I’m 25 and currently live in Los Angeles. This blog is where it all began. I started this blog in 2019 in the aftermath of my brother’s death. The ‘Grief Diary’ section are my journal entries, written to my brother, that helped me to process loss and come to terms with my own grief. It helped me realize I write to process all things. I began writing full time during the 2020 Pandemic when I published my first book To The Monsters of My Past. This blog aims to be a space where I share my own experiences in hopes they enlighten, comfort, entertain, or help you realize you’re never alone through bad and good times alike. We’re all emotional, unsure, and weird, though often the world around us forces us to keep these things hidden. I won’t. You can count on it. I hope you enjoy what you find.


Email: crewscameron@yahoo.com

Instagram: @cameroncrews

Poetry Instagram: @camjcrews


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